31 March 2008

...In other news

Things have been going well. While Holly is growing a small miracle, Bob has been busy too. With tax return money he bought a mattress (mostly for Holly, Bob can sleep comfortably anywhere) and a TV (mostly for himself, Holly can watch any TV and be happy.)
Bob's friend Jude reminded us of a Redneck Joke, something like "If you've got a working TV on top of a broken TV, you might be a redneck."
Our lower TV is NOT, however, broken. Therefore we are NOT rednecks.

Also Bob is building up some cross country flight hours. Below are some pictures of his adventure to Arizona. He left work in Orem at 12:00, had late lunch in Arizona at 2:30 and free China Lily in Lindon with Holly at 6:30. The food was free because we had a bet with Sylvia. If she guessed our baby's gender wrong she had to pay. WE WON!!!
Western Utah, just south of Delta.

21st Century Avionics, Garmin G1000 Instrument Panel. Bob is the pilot of tomorrow.


Cory said...

When one TV is broke you are white trash. When both TV's work, you are Golden Trash. Congratulations, that is a major accomplishment in Reno.

Jude N Eliza said...

I just HAD to leave a comment - it said "1 comments" and that's just wrong. Now it will say "2 comments" and all will be right with the world