26 June 2008

My Baby Shower

These are some of my freinds and family that came to my baby shower.
My mom threw it for me and did a great job .

Katherine and me.

This is Kristen with me.

This is Eliza, she's having a baby too.
This rag quilt was made by Bob's mom for our little girl.
I think I might use it more then Brooke! I love it.

Thanks everyone that came. Many friends and family couldn't come for different reasons so my sister, Heidi, is helping my mom throw another one early July, so stay tuned for details!!

15 June 2008

Father's Day

Today was Bob's first Father's Day that he could be honored. Though his main Father's Day gift from Brooke and Holly won't come til July 11, he still got a good couple of gifts. Most notably the Hazmat suit from his parents pictured here.
The "Daddy's Diaper Duty" ™ by the Duclos Bros. Innovations® mastermind that I call Mom, includes: apron, mask, goggles, tongs, wipes, distraction toy, diapers, baby powder, baby lotion, baby oil, gloves, hand sanitizer, and, my favorite Bordreaux's Butt Paste®.

Holly was especially excited now that Bob is well equipped to handle anything that might come out of the new baby.

Eggling Update:

We been asked a few times (mostly from Mike and Sandra) about how our Eggling is doing. We'll keep you updated.

Three buds. Bob waters it a few times a day. After the buds emerged, he started putting it outside during the day to get more sunlight. Here's profile view. What do you think it is? An herb? A flower? An "herb"? Comment on what you think!

03 June 2008

"Something" in the Mail

Bob has been anticipating a package in the mail. "What is in this package?" you ask? Well, let's just find out! sells you a random unspecified Something for $10. Curiosity killed the cat and got $20 from Bob (he bought two.) Here is what happened when Something finally came...

Bob was so excited! What could they be?!?!
Two Somethings in such a small package!

The first thing is.... an eggling? Wha?!?!

Apparently, this is not your ordinary egg. Inside the egg you find planted seeds. You crack open the top, water it, and you get a small plant after a while. Sweet.

Second Something: a small box with golden inlays. Holly is stoked to
put baby bracelets and other tiny jewelry-type items inside.

An egg planter and a small box. Twenty bucks.
Other Somethings from the SomethingStore seemed more promising.

So we decided to each choose one of the Somethings before we opened them (they were individually wrapped) and get to keep our own. Bob got the eggy thing. Holly got the box. Who came out on top? Did Bob get ripped off? Are you going to get your own Something? Answer and comment!!!