15 June 2008

Father's Day

Today was Bob's first Father's Day that he could be honored. Though his main Father's Day gift from Brooke and Holly won't come til July 11, he still got a good couple of gifts. Most notably the Hazmat suit from his parents pictured here.
The "Daddy's Diaper Duty" ™ by the Duclos Bros. Innovations® mastermind that I call Mom, includes: apron, mask, goggles, tongs, wipes, distraction toy, diapers, baby powder, baby lotion, baby oil, gloves, hand sanitizer, and, my favorite Bordreaux's Butt Paste®.

Holly was especially excited now that Bob is well equipped to handle anything that might come out of the new baby.


Charlotte said...


Just to mention that we now have Butt Paste in the UK and it's amazing stuff on nappy rash, we love it here :)


Grandma Laurie said...

The only thing better than that would be a full hazmat suit! Holly's lucky to have such a good sport for a husband. You just need to make sure and follow through when "the going gets tough!"

GERALD W said...


Make sure you don't use the Boudroux's on your head. I would hate to have to share the toupee' with you. I guess we could go back to the Grand Canyon and look for the old one. You might have to fight some animal that has claimed it as a mate!!!

Chet & Erin said...

Heard you guys weren't going to the reunion but I suppose you will be getting ready to have a baby. Well we will be anxious to see how cute she will be.

Tyler and Brooke said...

dude this picture is hilarious just don't forget to use the gear, now you can look up how to change a diaper on the wiki with your phone :)