15 September 2008

Lots of Pics

So happy!
Brooke's little hands have quite the dexterity when it comes to the binky. She was holding it in at the hospital!
Two cute girls!
Brooke didn't like her baths at first, but now we use running sink water and shower her. Julie gave us that sweet bathtub.
Uncle Nick. Little does Brooke know that he is the mean uncle. Well, maybe not a mean uncle, but he was the mean brother.

The newborn clothes were too big for her. We love those night shirts that make late night diaper changing much easier. Thanks Kristen!
Brooke is a high maintenece baby. She demanded a tanning bed immediatly after coming home.
Just before being released from the Hospital. Waiting....waiting....and on little sleep, and Holly still looks great!
So happy to be a daddy.

Our first family photo. Okay really this one it, but she is in her seat. This is on our way out of that damn hospital after we had to leave her overnight without us.

All of the girls. Grandma Laurie, having six sons and no daughters, is excited to see the balance starting to even out. She said that one more girl and it'll be even Poppop (Jerry) said, "It's not a contest." Her reply was, "Yes, it is."

Next to cousin Ellie.
Grandma Laurie taking care of the baby.
Brooke's early photos in the Nursury at the hospital.

Bob's favorite after work activity. Well, this and Nintendo.


Travis and Rhonda said...

Yea!! You finally posted pictures! It is so fun to see her! She's adorable! Congratulations, I hope things are going well with the adjustment of having a "new boss" in the house. I wish you many naps during the day!

Katie Tungate said...

I love the pictures! She is a cutie!

Steve, Kristen, and the Twins said...

Brooke is so darling! I'm so glad she's better now! We wish we could have hung out more before we moved, but at least we were able to meet little Brooke. :) You guys are such a cute little family!

Heather said...

She's so sweet! I'm sure you guys are having so much fun with her, congratulations!

Nicole said...

I love the pics especially with the captions! :) She still seems so tiny to me. I can't decide who I think she looks like, I guess probably who ever is cuter. j-k lots of love, the Sanders